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Business Consulting Services


For Our Business Coaching Services:

“Thank you so much for your support over the past 9 months. Your guidance and strategic planning have helped us progress our business effectively. Specifically, you have supported and enabled TMA to take the leap into professionalism, from financial targeting to positioning in the marketplace, through to implementing our Key Performance Indicators. MGB has been integral to our own growth, and we look forward to a fruitful relationship going forward.”

Ray Giridharan
Managing Director – Total Marketing Australia

“I used Sharon’s introductory consultation session to understand how to start work on a marketing strategy for my new business. Sharon packs a lot of information into a short space of time, and gave me valuable guidance on questions I needed to answer. She is energetic, clear and to-the-point. At the end of our session I knew what action I needed to take, and was focused and motivated.”

Michelle Ockers
New Start-up Business Owner

For Our China Business Consulting Services:

“When I first engaged MBG Consulting services, I wasn’t very sure of the outcome. As we all know, how can we determine which consulting company is good? How can we know if we are getting worth the money we are investing?

However, all my doubts disappeared when I started working with MBG Consulting: good service, close contact and a very dynamic cooperation. I would definitely work with you again. Thanks, Sharon.”

Wei Hsu Soon
Managing Director – Phaenna

For Our Australian Market Consulting Services:

“Regent Development International is a Hong Kong-based trading company and has the plan to enter the Australian market with energy-saving products. MBG Consulting provided us with the Market Entry Consulting service. We had a very good overview of the market regarding the standards, distribution channels and competition; this led us to the correct decisions regarding the products, channels and marketing strategy. The services provided by MBG did not only save us time, but most importantly, helped us decide on the right directions to take.”

Alyssa Gao
Managing Director – Regent Development International