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China Business Consulting

China Business Consulting

Chinese Market Research:

MBG provides you with great insights into the Chinese community living in Australia and the Chinese market. MBG conducts market research on the Chinese business environment, the latest industry trends, consumer preferences, and competition patterns.

Our extensive research experience in the Chinese market is mainly in the businesses of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), retail, sports, and fashion.

China Business Environment Research

To help you make quality management decisions, MBG provides you with important market information gained through comprehensive research on the Chinese business environment including:

• Government legislation
• Economic and demographic data
• Industry trends
• Social & cultural facts
• Technology applications
• Media Influence

China Consumer and Competitor Research

Understand your target consumer and staying ahead of the competition is vital to any business. The Chinese market is a thriving business and serious competition is expected in most business areas. We’ll help you to gain insights on:

• Chinese consumer preference and purchasing patterns
• Target market selection and potential client profiling
• Competition dynamics and key players market performance

Selling to China

MBG can help you take full advantage of the growing purchasing power in China with the right strategy and the right personnel. With our in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market and broad business network, we can help you design your Chinese market entry strategy, budget the resources needed for you to succeed, and provide you with on-going business assistance and support.

China Market Entry Strategy

The right business strategy is the foundation of your smooth market entry and your long term business success; we will work with you to develop a clear vision and to plan for your substantial business growth in this new marketplace.

• SWOT analysis
• Market entry feasibility analysis
• Business establishment strategy
• Product/Service portfolio design
• Pricing strategy
• Distribution strategy
• Marketing and promotion strategy and planning

China Market Entry Assistance

As smooth as possible, build up your China business presence and operation in the most efficient way with our support:

• Business Registration
• Business operation set up
• Staff recruitment and Training
• Qualified wholesalers and distributors
• Reliable supplier for business activities
• Trade show & Expo presenting
• Translation and interpretation
• Temporary management solution
• Marketing material design and production: company name, business card, logo, slogan, letterhead, website, flier, brochure, etc.

Sourcing from China:

MBG can help you find quality suppliers and products to enhance your market competitiveness from China. We do CE Check and reference check as well as negotiate pricing and trading terms to help you get the best deal in the market. We can also source project management from China.

You can count on MBG for efficient lead time management, strong supplier relationships, and a higher negotiation power due to the large number of business deals consolidated on our hands in China.