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Business Management

Business Management Consulting

Market Research Services:

MBG conducts comprehensive market research on the business environment, consumer preferences, market trends, and competition dynamics for your business development. MBG offers accurate and incisive market insights and provides you with all the necessary information you need to succeed.

Business Planning Services:

Whether it is for a new business start-up or business expansion, successful planning is the first step towards a successful business. MBG helps you determine your business and personal goals, financial budgeting, product assortments, competitive (though profitable) price, distribution channels, branding and promotion strategies, and – most importantly – your differentiation strategy to make you stand out from the competition and win the customers.

Sales & Marketing Management:

MBG identifies the most effective distribution model and sales channel for your business and designs incentives and profit margins to motivate your sales team and distribution channel. MBG also designs and evaluates your branding and marketing campaigns and helps you achieve the best cost efficiency while reaching your target audience. Besides, MBG plans and controls trade promotions to achieve the sales momentum. With MBG Consulting, every dollar you spend counts.

Product & Category Management:

More product choices don’t always mean better for your customers and your business. What’s the optimal number of SKUs (stock keeping units) you shall have in your business at different price levels? How do you evaluate and eliminate inefficient SKUs or product lines? How do you customise product offering for different KA (key accounts)? MBG offers consultancy on category management and SKU efficiency management as well as optimised product line planning and seasonal line planning for retail businesses.

Customer Relationship Management:

CRM is not only software or IT system although it may include one. CRM is the customer-centric value of your business, your set business strategy, and the solid system that ensures an effective execution. MBG helps you provide creative business solutions to your clients and add more value to your business through collaborative partnerships that will lead to further success.

Process Establishment & Improvement:

MBG offers innovative business solutions to help you build a business with clear procedures and strong operational foundations in order to improve work efficiency. This consulting service is based on Six Sigma tools and will help you define your business goals, measure your current operational status, conduct gap analysis, design and implement corrective action plan if needed, and monitor the process performance so that you can achieve your desired outcomes.

Profitability & Cash Flow Improvement:

MBG provides simple, down-to-earth, and effective solutions to improve your cash flow and profit margins. With MBG, you can find out your “hidden” profit generator and the reasons you have a cash flow issue. Our custom-made solutions are easy to implement and guaranteed to significantly increase your bottom line.