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Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Business Coaching Procedure:

At MBG, we provide free one-hour consultation to our new clients. It is a good opportunity for us to help you identify your business challenges and provide suggestions on how we can help you and why working with us is such a high-return investment.

Please note that we don’t take every business request. We only work on the projects to which we can add significant value with committed business owners and managers.

Coaching Session:

The MBG business consultant will suggest to you customised consulting programs and coaching sessions according to your specific business needs and challenges. Typically, business-coaching sessions run for 2 hours, every one or two weeks. We advise our clients to commit to three-to-six-month coaching program, so they can reap its business benefits.

All business-coaching sessions can be conducted over phone or by Web conference, but they are preferred to be face to face.