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Australian Market Analysis

Australian Market Consulting

Australian Market Research:

MBG conducts extensive market research on the Australian business environment, industry information and trends, consumer preferences, and competition patterns.

Sourcing from Australia:

MBG can help you find quality suppliers and products in Australia based on your wants and needs. We do CE Check and reference check as well as negotiate pricing and trading terms for your best benefits. We can also provide project management in Australia.

You can count on MBG for efficient timeline management, strong supplier relationships, and a higher negotiation power due to the large number of business deals consolidated on our hands in Australia.

Business Set-up in Australia:

MBG can help you with all aspects of setting up a business in Australia. MBG can assist you with business planning, operational system setup, vendor search, product selection, category management, sales and marketing planning, website design, promotional material design, and employee recruitment. MBG can also search for other businesses for you to invest in or partner with.